5th Cuban Salsa Festival 2019 in Graz

Afrocuban meets Rueda Structures, Rueda Labor


Gianpietro´s Birthday Dance


Rumba Guaguanco, Yusmi & Balazs


Rumba Guaguanco, Erklärung, Yusmi & Balazs


Party Floor, El Niño y La Verdad - la cosa mala


Bodymovement 2.0, combine upper bodymovement with guapea and figures, Eva & Jan


Creativity and Style in Couples: Despelote, the "orgasmic" part in a song, Eva & Jan


Musicality case study with Los 4 Aléjate de mí, Eva & Jan, 5th Cuban Salsa Festival

Yes. We. Dance!

Cuban Salsa | Inhaber: Alix Jeanquartier

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